The Sorensen's

Sunday, March 23, 2008


We put on our sunday best for Easter Sunday! That's about as fun as we get since we don't have kids to dress for easter or send on an egg hunt. I guess stay posted for furture Easter's to come for us to blog about egg hunts. Until then we will continue to be on time for church!
The Easter Bunny came to visit Mike, boy was he surprised!

Sunshine with the Sorensen's

Last week we went to St.George. Curt came from Arizona and we all met in St.George for a weekend of fun. My sister McCall also came down with Mike and I. It was so much fun to have the whole family there and for McCall to join as well. We also enjoyed taking McCall to her first ever sunshine baseball game. I guess your never to old to go to sunshine. Anyways, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing the sun for a change! Thanks Sorensen's for such a great vacation!
P.S. The picture of Curt and McCall is them pointing at there.....yes winning score against the Sorensen Duo. However, you may see some fear in there eyes....they did not win without a battle. Mike and I have been practicing and expect a rematch soon!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


That's right I'm about to graduate. I thought this day would never come......I think Mike has thought the same thing. In celebration my family and Mike and I are going on a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera in 3 weeks. I can't even wait, I'm so excited. When we get back we will actually have something to post about. Instead of sprained ankles and what we eat for dinner! So here is just a preview of how much fun we are going to have. Oh and I guess the important part, I will have my Bachelors in Health Care Administration!