The Sorensen's

Monday, September 27, 2010


September has come and is going. It seems like the months are just flying by. In September we celebrated Mikes birthday, went camping, Colin had his 4 month check up, got a jogging stroller, Mike went on a boys trip to the football game and spent every waking moment with our little Colin. Here are just a couple photos of what the Sorensen's have been up to.

(Colin has to make sure I don't leave his side so he keeps his hand on my shoulder) Momma's boy!!!

Colin loved the running stroller and his BYU hat!

Colin played around in this basket for a little bit...until he found his hands they are far more interested than any toy.

Hanging out at Wasatch with family!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

4 MONTHS and growing....

We had our 4 month check up with Colin yesterday. All is well, he is a very healthy, happy baby. He may have a larger head than the average baby but it is still very cute....just more to love right? He is a growing boy and seems to get bigger and bigger each day. We love his thick legs and his gut that hangs over his pants. Here are a couple of pictures of our handsome man. With out fail everyone says he looks just like his dad or his papa Sorensen but the doctor did say he would probably have brown eyes.....the only feature from his mom!

Just about ready to play in the johnny jumper.....maybe a couple more weeks until he knows what to do when he is in it
Getting ready to go out on the boat with Grandpa Parker

Hanging out with gets kind of boring sometimes as you can tell in his face

playing on the floor with dad at night before bedtime

Colin doesn't suck his thumb just two fingers

Just about to try rice cereal for the first time

Hanging out in his robe.....bath time is one of our favorite things to do

Just chillin around the house with nothing to do but smile!