The Sorensen's

Saturday, February 16, 2008

City League Basketball

A couple of weeks ago Mike sprained his ankle. He would probably like to say he stole the ball made the winning shot for the team while spraining his ankle. However the truth is just before the first quater of the game ended Mike and another player went for a loose ball and he fell on Mike and the rest is demonstrated by the pictures above. Mike and I left right after it happened leaving Mikes team with only 4 players. The good news is Mikes team still beat the other team with 8 players. Way to go....Mikes team! I would also like to mention the game was become very heated and the other team was crying like babies because they hated the thought of a couple older men beating them in basketball. I'm glad we only came out with a sprain!!


I don't know if anyone has every seen the show take home chef but it's pretty good. Lately I have been blessed with my own take home chef. After many reminders Mike set up our BBQ. It took several tools and many left over bolts and screws that we just couldn't figure out where they went but it works. Not only can Mike BBQ but he has also taken a love to making breakfast foods. On Valentine's I was delighted with red eggs and pink waffles. It was quite the breakfast. It doesn't end there. Last sunday he made me a pancake as big as my head. Who knows what he will make next pancakes shaped like the BYU cougars? However, whatever it is he is an amazing chef. In fact I think he might be in a tie with my dads eggs....which I thought no one could come close too!

Friday, February 8, 2008

New Job!!

I started my new job.....actually the end of January! I'm now at Salem Hills High School. The school is brand new and will start this coming August. It's really fun getting a new school ready for students. I'm the front secretary and the youngest front secretary in the district. Just a little exciting news in the Sorensen family!
(This is a possible logo idea but not the official logo for SHHS)