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Saturday, February 16, 2008


I don't know if anyone has every seen the show take home chef but it's pretty good. Lately I have been blessed with my own take home chef. After many reminders Mike set up our BBQ. It took several tools and many left over bolts and screws that we just couldn't figure out where they went but it works. Not only can Mike BBQ but he has also taken a love to making breakfast foods. On Valentine's I was delighted with red eggs and pink waffles. It was quite the breakfast. It doesn't end there. Last sunday he made me a pancake as big as my head. Who knows what he will make next pancakes shaped like the BYU cougars? However, whatever it is he is an amazing chef. In fact I think he might be in a tie with my dads eggs....which I thought no one could come close too!

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nancyandthelittleman said...

Mike is a great little husband. I think he must get his great cooking skills from me (j/k) I am glad he takes good care of you and you of him!