The Sorensen's

Saturday, February 16, 2008

City League Basketball

A couple of weeks ago Mike sprained his ankle. He would probably like to say he stole the ball made the winning shot for the team while spraining his ankle. However the truth is just before the first quater of the game ended Mike and another player went for a loose ball and he fell on Mike and the rest is demonstrated by the pictures above. Mike and I left right after it happened leaving Mikes team with only 4 players. The good news is Mikes team still beat the other team with 8 players. Way to go....Mikes team! I would also like to mention the game was become very heated and the other team was crying like babies because they hated the thought of a couple older men beating them in basketball. I'm glad we only came out with a sprain!!


nancyandthelittleman said...

That is sick!

Jen Bird said...

Paityn talked about that and acted it out for days after it happened. Glad you're doing good! :)

Seth & Abbie Ollerton said...

He was faking it. That is just make-up.

Jon, Britt, and CJ said...

This is exactly why I've chosen (err, too lazy) to avoid sports. It's just much safer on the couch.

Guess Who? said...

OUCH! That doesn't look fun! I hope it gets better soon.
Love your's fun to catch up with what's going on in your life. Seen McCall a couple weeks was fun to visit with her. I got Amberley's blog off of yours...I'll have to say hi to her too. Blogging is fun! Thanks for sharing!!! Tell your family hi!!!
Love ya,

Guess Who? said...

Oh, I forgot...Congratulations on your new job! That's so cool!!!