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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best of 2010......

Well 2010 brought us Colin. We thought we would share how much he has grown and changed since May. This past year has been so amazing. We have been up to the following:

Colin was born, grown, grown and grown, learned to roll over, learned to sit up, introduced baby food, went on runs with mom, had his 1st 4th of July-Halloween-Christmas and everything is a 1st. Won the baby contest, learned to like his car seat, no longer has to be wrapped like a burrito to sleep, and of course show off his dimples. Oh and Mike and I both celebrated a birthday and Mike did his big bike ride in St. George. But all of our life and time is Colin and we love every minute. Mike is running his 1st half marathon this weekend. It will be a great accomplishment and beginning to 2011.

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Ashlee said...

He was seriously the cutest newborn I've ever seen. That hospital picture is awesome! Isn't it all just so amazing? All those pictures are so fun to see. We need to get down there and meet the little man in person!
Good luck to Mike on the run! You'll do great!