The Sorensen's

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wont you be my neighbor?

I had to post about my very own Mr. Rogers. Recently Mike has been into wearing sweaters to work which I'm not complaining about because I am the one buying the sweaters for him but the other morning he came out in this sweater and said I look like Mr. Rogers. I laughed and he spent the next 15 minutes pretending to be him. However, I had to take a picture of him eating his breakfast in his Mr. Rogers sweater because this does make him like an old man. A typical day for Mike is a bowl of cereal, two pieces of toast and some sort of reading material. He usually reads the paper but in case our paper boy fails us he pulls out a book. You might think that just your grandparents have the same routine and breakfast every morning but no my Mr. Rogers does too. I am one lucky girl!


Brianne and Brandon said...

We need to catch up! The picture of you after you got your braces off is BEAUTIFUL seriously gorgeous! You look like a MODEL. I am so excited you are pregnant and that everything went well with Mike surgery. How scary for you both! I am so happy you are going to be a MOM! I need to come see you.

Jen Bird said...

That's hillarious!! And I loved your recap on 2009!! You guys had quite the busy year!!